Manchester CPHT Course M8 (2017) Dates Announced

Starting in February 2017 (so plenty of time to recover from Christmas!) our 8th Hypnotherapy HPD Course will run for the usual 10 months, graduating in November. There will be a maximum of 20 places and the course will likely be the only opportunity for Manchester students to take one of our courses in Manchester in 2017.

The course represents fantastic value for money. Manchester HPD Hypnotherapy graduates have a 2 year retention rate in excess of 90%, some make substantial inroads into making their fees back whilst still on the course, and nearly all have made their fees back within a few short months of graduation, moving quickly into an operating, and then outright, profit.

If you have been considering career change, or another string to your bow, then give Course Leader Alan Wick a call on 07872 968 227 for a friendly, unpressured chat.

4 thoughts on “Manchester CPHT Course M8 (2017) Dates Announced

  1. Alan. Can you explain a little about the course structure please and if there are any places left for 2017. I am currently in full time employment and due to retire in Dec 2017 . I am interested in your course but not sure of how your training works and how it would fit in with my working full time. Regards,Vincent Farnan.

    • Hi Vincent,
      I think I remember chatting to you on the phone last year about Course M8. I’ve just put the dates on the site for M9 which may be a better fit for your retirement plans…. Did you ever get to speak to Andy Workman in Bristol?
      Kind Regards,

      Alan Wick, CPHT Manchester

  2. I am interested in this course starting in Feb 2017. Could you provide further details please? Regarding dates and prices.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Marie,
      There’s something gone a bit wrong with our WordPress email system and I’m not sure if your enquiry is current or whether you had a reply some time back? Anyhow, just in case, we start on 24/25 February 2018 and the course runs for 10 months. You attend class one weekend a month for those 10 months and the cost is £2,360, plus some additional costs such as insurance/student membership of an Association, etc which total no more than £300 over the 10 months. Some of these additional costs are optional. All dates and fees are listed on our website under the HPD course tab.

      If you have any further queries, could you email us at as we’ll then get it immediately and reply within 24 hours.

      Hope this helps!

      Best wishes

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