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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) available for CPHT Graduates
All professional associations have Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements and the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) has chosen to follow the CNHC’s guidance on this. The definition of a CPD and also an indication of the type and quantity of CPD required can be found by following this link: CNHC CPD

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Required CPD for Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma (AHD) 10am – 5pm CPD – not AHD required
10am – 5pm
Workshop – not AHD required
AM = 10am – 1pm
PM = 2pm – 5pm
Online Training Individual timings – Lecturer to advise if different from standard times







Working with Children
Susan Rodrigues & Stuart Taylor

Aim : To understand how to work with children. This involves understanding how to implement a Solution Focused approach; effective communication; setting achievable goals, recognising the importance of discovering skills and resources; and understanding when and how to use hypnotherapy.

It will include in depth discussion of:

  • Solution Focused Approach
    – Key points of Solution Focused practice when working with children
    – How a solution focused practice supports children in the development of their own solutions to problems
    – The importance of recognising and acknowledging children’s strengths
  • Effective communication and engagement with children
    – Being ‘Child centred’
    – Key areas which promote effective communication
  • Setting achievable goals when working with children
    – Importance of setting clear goals
    – How to measure when and if goals have been achieved
    – Utilising the Miracle Question and Scaling to develop goals
  • Discovering Skills and Resources when working with children
    – Importance of discovering children’s strengths and how to achieve this
    – Turning deficits into strengths
  • Using hypnotherapy with children
    – Childhood conditions which can benefit through hypnotherapy intervention
    – Reasons why children respond well to hypnotherapy
    – Hypnotherapeutic interventions which can be utilised when working with children

About the lecturers :

Susan Rodrigues CPD Lecturer CPHTSusan Rodgrigues trained at CPHT Bristol in 2003 and assisted David Newton in running the school for many years.  As well as running her hypnotherapy practice, she is now a Senior Lecturer with CPHT Bristol and Cardiff, a Supervisor, and CPD course lecturer.


Stuart Taylor CPD Lecturer CPHTStuart Taylor trained at CPHT Bristol in 2004 and became a Supervisor in 2011.  He has a specialist interest in the field of hypnosis & suggestion and, as well as running his full time practice, he also lectures at CPHT Bristol on the application of hypnosis in a clinical setting. In addition he presents CPD courses at CPHT schools around the country.


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Understanding and Working with Autism/Asperger Syndrome

Jackie McCormick

Aim : To understand how to work with clients diagnosed with Autism/Asperger Syndrome and their relatives. This involves having an insight into the theoretical background of the conditions. This CPD offers practical suggestions and effective strategies that may be of use in your clinic

It will include in depth discussion of:

  • The prevalence of autism/asperger syndrome in our society
  • How the condition impacts on the way people perceive the world and interact with others
  • Understanding autistic behaviours
  • Dispelling myths around autism/asperger syndrome
  • Practical suggestions and effective strategies for working with people diagnosed with the conditions and their relatives

About the lecturer:

Jackie McCormick has worked for over 27 years developing and running services services for people with the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge about the complexities of supporting and providing services for vulnerable people and their carers.  One of the reasons Jackie originally trained as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist at CPHT Bristol was to offer support to the families experiencing such difficulties.


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Jayne Shaw

Aim: To enhance your understanding of how the way we think influences our health and resistance to disease

This CPD will give you additional confidence during the IC in explaining the impact of our thoughts and behaviours on our physical well-being

• An introduction to the nervous, endocrine (hormone) and immune systems
• The two-way interaction between psychological processes and these systems
• The effects of stress on the these systems
• The interactions between the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands (HPA axis)
• The impact of psychological processes on the progression and treatment of various diseases
• An overview of the use of hypnotherapy in clinical treatments for pain and disease
• A reminder of how we, as SF hypnotherapists, can help clients to improve their mental and physical well-being

About the lecturer :

Jayne Shaw CPD Lecturer CPHTJayne Shaw is head of A Level psychology at Clarendon sixth form college near Manchester. She trained as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist at CPHT Manchester and now successfully dovetails her teaching career with her hypnotherapy practice.


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IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Jane Fox

Aim – To develop a greater understanding of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and learn how to support the client in dealing with the psychological and emotional issues of the condition.

This CPD will include in depth discussion of:

  • The ‘normal’ gut
  • Epidemiology of IBS – who gets IBS?
  • What causes IBS?
  • Symptoms of IBS
  • Psychological aspects of IBS
  • Medical tests and investigations for IBS
  • The microbiome and IBS
  • Treatment and therapies for IBS
    • Medication
    • Diet – FODMAP
    • Complementary therapies
    • Patient self-management
  • Hypnotherapeutic interventions

About the Lecturer:

Jane Fox trained at CPHT Manchester and has clinics in Stockport and Wilmslow.  As well as running her hypnotherapy practice, she is now a Senior Lecturer with CPHT Sheffield, a Solution Focused Supervisor, and CPD course lecturer.

Jane has a background of several decades working in clinical research.  Her interest in both hypnotherapy and in IBS began in the 1980s when she worked for Professor Peter Whorwell at Withington Hospital in Manchester.  Professor Whorwell is a world-leading expert on IBS and it was from his research that hypnotherapy was included in the NICE guidelines for the management of IBS.

Jane runs a local IBS Support Group, facilitated by the IBS Network, the national charity for people living with IBS.


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A reminder of key information :

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