Senior Lecturers

Debbie Pearce

Debbie Pearce is a graduate of CPHT, having qualified in 2008. She runs a busy Hypnotherapy practice in East Devon and lectures on HPD courses across the country.

Debbie’s interest in the subconscious began in 1970 when the BBC aired a documentary created by science writer Nigel Calder, The Mind of Man. One particular topic made a huge impression: the recent discovery that the conscious mind can control basic bodily functions.  This was demonstrated by locking a Yoga devotee, Shri Ramanand Yogi, in an airtight box and measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. The results demonstrated that he could reduce oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output significantly below ‘normal’ levels. At the time, this was a ground-breaking discovery. So, if we can consciously control something as basic as breathing, previously believed to be beyond the reach of the conscious mind – what else could be achieved with appropriate training?

Following graduating with a Physics degree from University College London, her varied career included computer programming, systems analysis and IT consultancy. She ran the local branch of a national charity as a volunteer before changing careers and joining the charity as a Regional Development Manager then their national Operations Director. She moved back to the West Country and became Head of Fundraising and Marketing for an international animal charity.

In her spare time Debbie trained as a Holistic Massage therapist and taught the theory modules of the ITEC Massage course under supervision at an independent ITEC registered college.  She gained the City & Guilds Certificate in Further Education Teaching and she developed several recreational courses for adult learners, which she delivered both independently and for Devon Adult and Community Learning (DACL).

During this time she maintained her interest in matters of the mind and in 2008 enrolled on CPHT’s HPD course in Clifton, Bristol, training under David Newton and Susan Rodrigues.

“The course appealed to me because it had a clear basis in neuroscience. Since the primitive methods used to investigate the workings of the mind demonstrated in the 1970’s TV documentary, MRI scanners were proving beyond doubt that the way we think has a direct influence on our physiology.

“I was also attracted by the principles of the Solution Focused approach. I have always tended to look for ways of solving problems rather than analysing their cause or apportioning blame, both at work and in my personal life. At those times in my life where I found things challenging I had avoided seeking professional help as I did not want to ruminate on my problems.

“The thought of being able to help people without needing to focus on an unhappy past was immensely appealing. I was delighted to be accepted onto intake 41 and can honestly say that the HPD course is the best thing I have ever done in my life.”

Since then Debbie has built up a busy Hypnotherapy practice in East Devon, operating from therapy rooms in Axminster, Ottery St Mary and Sidmouth. She has helped hundreds of clients over the years, accumulating many thousands of hours of clinical practice.

She has kept her skills up to date by regularly attending CPD courses run by CPHT in Clifton and group supervision sessions. She trained as a Supervisor and now runs group Supervision sessions in Sidmouth, Guildford and Southampton. She has also gained the Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma, which has been accredited by the NCFE as having measurable learning outcomes that have been benchmarked at level 5 (using Ofqual’s Qualification and Accreditation Framework). It is at an equivalent level to a Foundation Degree.

She was a founder executive committee member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH), a professional Association set up to further awareness of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and to support its members in the development of their business. As part of this support she co-developed and co-presented a range of acclaimed marketing courses and webinars for complementary therapists. She co-delivers the introductory marketing course as an integral part of the HPD course at CPHT Bristol, Bournemouth and Guildford.

Debbie established the CPHT schools in Guildford and Southampton with colleague Sharon Dyke, where they deliver the Hypnotherapy Diploma course as part of CPHT’s national network. They also run group supervision sessions in both locations for qualified hypnotherapists.

Nicola Griffiths
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Supervisor

Nicola Griffiths discovered the benefits of hypnotherapy when her late Father was referred to a hypnotherapist by his GP to help with his illness. She was amazed at how he benefited and became interested in this form of therapy. A few years later, in 2007, she left her corporate career and became a clinical hypnotherapist, training at CPHT Bristol under the auspicious guidance of David Newton.

Nicola’s business soon expanded and by 2009 she was working out of 3 different practices seeing 25-30 clients a week. She now runs her own Hypnotherapy & Health Centre in central Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

In 2010, Nicola was instrumental in the set up and running of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists (AfSFH) of which she was a Director and Trustee until 2015. She is now Chairman of the Association. This Association is a key organisation for solution focused hypnotherapy, its remit being to get the solution focused message out to the public and also support solution focused hypnotherapists in their businesses.

Nicola is a Supervisor and also co-hosts the marketing module within some of the CPHT schools with Debbie .

Having originally trained at The Clifton Practice in 2007, a recognised Centre of Excellence for hypnotherapy, she was delighted to be able to launch CPHT Belfast with colleague Alex Brounger in 2016 and took over running CPHT Manchester with Debbie with effect from February 2018.

Nicola finds her clients come from all walks of life and bring a wide variety of problems and she has a very good success rate in helping people achieve their objectives, whether that’s with their personal, sports or professional lives. She has received positive acclaim in the national press on more than one occasion.

Both Debbie and Nicola trained with David Newton who founded CPHT in 2002. Originally the course was Bristol based. Since 2009 it has expanded to other areas and in 2016 the HPD course is being taught in 14 locations in the UK and abroad. David Newton is certainly one of the most experienced hypnotherapists having the experience of well in excess of 30,000 clinical hours in his career.

The CPHT course syllabus and philosophy remains based on his experience and expertise.

David is Chairman and Trustee of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) of which he was the co-founder in 2010. AfSFH is now a CNHC Verifying Organisation and a member of UKCHO. It is increasingly respected as a driving force promoting professionalism and promoting what could be called ‘Modern’ hypnotherapy.