Places are filling up for the 2021 hypnotherapy course in Manchester

Jane (left) and Debbie, course lecturers for CPHT Manchester

Debbie and Jane, the course lecturers for CPHT Manchester have been very pleased with the response received for the next Manchester hypnotherapy training course starting in February 2021.

As we reflect on 2020, it has been a strange and difficult year for everybody, and particularly here in Manchester where we seem to have remained on a ‘Tier 3’ throughout. The good news with a vaccine approaching means that 2021 finally represents renewed hope for a healthier and safer year ahead.

During the ‘lockdown’ period many people have had chance to reflect on what they would like to get out of life. Many have had the opportunity to work from home, and this can feel like the glimmer of the start of a better work/life balance that they would like more of.

Other people have been less fortunate with furlough and redundancy. This can be viewed as an opportunity to do something completely different, and thoughts have led to a new direction for some, including thoughts of exploring a new career.

The one thing our students always have in common is that they want to help people. If you were instrumental in helping only one other human being to change their life for the better so dramatically that they said something like: “I really didn’t realise how wonderful just being alive could be!” you’d feel pretty pleased for that individual. As a hypnotherapist you will not be helping just one person, but scores, hundreds – even thousands – to that same sense of liberation and well-being.

As a solution focused hypnotherapist in practice, you will be helping people with conditions including stress, anxiety, motivation, confidence, weight management, insomnia, sports performance, OCD, PTSD,  as well as the traditional phobias and smoking cessation that hypnotherapy is known for.

We are looking forward to the next hypnotherapy course in Manchester starting February 2021. It is always such a pleasure to teach such a lively and interactive and practical hypnotherapy training course.

A new year, a new career – 2021 offers an exciting new opportunity for those that have signed up with us so far.

If you would be interested in finding out more you can visit our website at CPHT Manchester Hypnotherapy Training

We won’t miss our Graduates!

Having just waved goodbye to our lovely students who’ve just graduated in November, we know that we won’t miss them too much as we’ll be bumping into them again.  This will either be via Continual Professional Development events or simply because we’ve made friends with them and they’re still emailing us and commenting on our posts on Facebook.  

The Diploma course has been carefully structured to ensure the students have built momentum with their new businesses by the time they qualify.  This means, as they graduate, they move smoothly from being a student to a part-time or full-time therapist depending on what they want as a career.  

Because we’re a very hands-on practical course, our graduates are confident about seeing clients with a very wide range of issues.  They will have also selected a Supervisor to touch base with for advice and guidance when needed.

We’ve been rather impressed with how resourceful our graduates have been in finding a location to practice from.  Some have rented rooms at a therapy centre, one at a GP surgery and another at a spare room in a hair salon.  Luckily, in this profession, we can also work from home if that suits us. Whatever the location, we can be sure they will all provide a professional, caring environment, enhancing their clients’ experience of the therapy.

As we move forward towards our next course, we are smiling at the feedback we’ve received from this last course. Feedback such as:

“I really cannot thank you enough for leading me down this exciting path in life and teaching me the skills to help so many others it is so rewarding.”

Through to “Thank you both for being the most amazing lecturers, your knowledge, your humour and the wonderful way you impart information has made the course thoroughly enjoyable and I think you have been absolutely fantastic. When ever I have asked for guidance you have responded promptly and given expert practical advice which I have valued enormously. I have loved the course and would recommend it to anyone as being of the highest standard”.

 No doubt it’ll seem like theblink of an eye before we’re reading some good feedback on our next course!